Upgrade the firmware of your tp-link router

Latest Firmware for your router assures that we have no or least bugs plus highest possible network security. With the newest TP-Link firmware, TP-Link makes sure Smooth Network Experience for you all. Once you Login into your Router you will be notified for the latest firmware available on the router page itself. Moreover, the latest firmware is also available at the TP-Link website www.tp-link.com, and you can download it from the Support page for free. Here are the steps for Firmware upgrade tp link router device.

NOTE:- No USB device should be plugged in the router while you update the firmware to prevent data loss.

IMP:- You should Backup the present configuration of your router before updating the firmware.

IMP:- Make sure not to turn off the router while you upgrade the firmware.

You can also Update the Firmware Online

  • You just need to open the Link http://tplinkwifi.net in your browser, and hit login and type your TP-Link ID or the password of the router.
  • Once the latest firmware is available for your Tp-Link router, It will be shown in the top-right corner of that page. You just need to click that icon and go for the latest upgrade for your router. Or, you can go to Advanced > System Tools > Firmware Upgrade, and click and see if any upgrade is released or not.
  • Under the Online Upgrade, section hit on Upgrade.
  • Now you just need to wait, you will see some changes in the light of the router. Wait till all the lights are stable and the Router reboots properly.

Always Keep the latest firmware for your router. It helps in keeping your experience smooth and bug-free. It is also important for security concern too. If there is any essential firmware update for your router, you will see the pop on your router page as you login into your router’s browser page. You just need to hit Upgrade now and log into the router’s web management page and Login into your router with the help of username and password you set for the Tp-Link router.

Upgrade TP-Link Router Firmware Manually

  1. Visit the website www.tp-link.com latest firmware file for the router from www.tp-link.com.
  2. Open the website http://tplinkwifi.net, and Login into your account using TP-Link ID or the password you set for the router.
  3. Go to Advanced > System Tools > Firmware Upgrade.
  4. You need to make sure your downloaded the latest firmware and that too for that correct model number of the router you have.
  5. Hit Manual Upgrade section. Search or Browse to locate the downloaded new firmware file, and click Upgrade.
  6. Now you just need to Wait a few minutes till the firmware is complete and a reboot is complete too.

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Upgrade the Firmware of your TP-Link Router