TPlink RE630X Range Extender

The TPlink RE630X Range Extender spreads the range in all corners of the home. This extender is easily connected with every router. This extender can be connected with a wired or wireless connection. The wireless connection is possible via the Ethernet cable. This device works with AX1800 wi-fi 6 speed and 1210 Mbps of 5GHz, 575 Mps of 2.4GHz.on the right side of the tp-link extender has a 1-gigabit port.

The external antennas extend the internet signals of the router. The TPlink extender is controlled by the TPlink app. It works better in low internet range areas. This device is mostly used in homes, shops, and factories. You can control it with your fingertips. For the best internet range, you need to locate the extender within the signal area of the router. It tries to boost the signal’s power of the router. Through the app, parents can put restrictions on children.

Through the extender you can enjoy the faster speed of the internet, gaming, and video streaming, etc. this device can expand the range of the internet as compared to the router because the extender is only made for spreading the network signals. The installation and setup of the TPlink extender are very simple. Next, I will talk about the features of the extender in the lines below.

Features of The AX1750 WI-FI Range Extender

There are various characteristics of the TPlink extender. To commence with,

Strong network speed:

The extender provides the router with strong range performance. The extender transfers the 1800 Mbps data rate with a 5GHz and 2.4GHz radiofrequency. If you want the same speed as today. So, you need to update your device from time to time.

TP-Link Tether app:

The extender is best controlled by the TPlink app and all the information, instruction given in the app. And the instructions are also mentioned on the envelope. With the help of the app, you can change your password and any setting related to the extender or router.

Parental control:

Prenatal control is possible, due to the TPlink app of the device. Parents set the limit on the usage of the internet and they can block or hide the wasteful websites via the tether app.


The extender is very nice because it is very small and easily adjusted in every palace. The tp-link extender takes a short area and is easily fitted in every power outlet for the connection.

Easy management and installation:

The installation and management of the extender are very simple and reliable. The steps related to the operation of the device are given on the login page.

AP mode:

This mode helps to create the access point for better internet performance, wifi courage, and wifi compatibility. You can enjoy gaming, video streaming, and complete your office and school work, etc.
These are the features of the TPlink extender. Here, I will mention the steps on how to install the device.

The Installation steps of the AX1750 WI-FI Range Extender

These are the installation steps that are given in the underlines.

  • First, plug the extender in the power outlet and check if the power outlet is working or not.
  • Then, turn ON the extender for the connection with the router.
  • After that, click on the WPS of the extender and router for rebooting the device.
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes. Then, select the wireless connection of the device.
  • Then, connect the extender with the router. If the wifi booster is not connected to the router. So, place the booster near the router within the network signals.
  • After that, connect the computer, laptop, or smartphone to the extender through the wireless connection. If the connection shows the error. Thus, you need to place the computer near the extender.
  • At last, check all the connections and enjoy faster speed internet.

These are the installation steps of the extender. If any information regarding ways to install get it from here. Now, I will discuss the login ways of the wireless booster in beneath lines.

Ways to log in to the TPlink RE630X Range Extender

If you want to log in to your device in the web browser. So, follow these mentioned steps.

  • You want to log in to the device, open the web browser and enter the IP address and into the web browser according to your choice like safari, google chrome.
  • Change LAN IP according to the model of the extender and the IP address is mentioned on the package given pages.
  • After that, the page is opened, and then, enter the password and username of the device on the login page.
  • If the password is not mentioned on the device label. So, you need to check on the envelope.
  • At last, click on the Ok.

Here, I am going to talk about the manual of the device.

TPlink RE630X Range Extender manual

In the manual, I will discuss the queries in the form of questions of the customer. To trigger with, can this connect with any router or only mesh router? How do I modify the IP address of the extender? How to reboot the wifi range booster? My extender does not blink light! What should I do? The router does not connect to the extender. Can it work with jio fiber 5g? The extender model does not show in the tether app. Extender continuously blinking red light! What can I do?
Can this device work in a high network slow area? Can AX1750 WI-FI Range Extender work with other brand routers? if you are not getting point to point information in the manual. So, you can take it from here tp-link AX1750 manual with full of information. Now, I will discuss the steps on how to operate the extender.

The setup steps of the TPlink RE630X Range Extender

If you want to set up your device in the correct manner and use this tp-link AX1750 setup. So, please follow the instructions step by step. To begin with,

Extend another network
  • First, enter this in the browser and open the web page. Then, go to the setting and click on the connect to host network
  • Enable the network’s 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequency for connection. The wireless scanner scans the network you need to spread.
  • Choose the network from the list of the range you need to spread.
  • Then, you want to enter the network password for security, and the security setting and SSID will automatically be filled,
  • At last, tap on the save and plug the router and locate it in between the router and slow network area.
Setting of Extender

The extender setting hides the SSID of the device.

  • First, open the browser and search Go to setting > extender network webpage.
  • Configure the setting which shows on the screen. Extender 2.4GHz/5GHz, extender 2.4GHz/5GHz SSID, and hide SSID broadcast.
  • Then, click to save.
Security setting

Admin account

  • Login to the device and go to the admin account in the settings.
  • Click to change the username and password for security. You need to enter an old username, old password, new username, new password, and confirm password.
  • Then, tap on the save option.
Control wifi access to the extender
  • Login to the device and go to the webpage enter in the setting click on the access control.
  • ON the access network function for the control.
  • Then, two options are shown on the screen such as blacklist and whitelist. Choose the blacklist.
  • Then, click on the save option to continue.
  • After that, for adding the device to the blacklist. You need to enter the device and MAC address of the device.
  • Then, again click on the save.

The whitelist procedure is just like the blacklist. And if you want to modify the blacklist and whitelist, you just need to remove the name of the device. Then, click on save.

Change the IP address of the extender
  • Login to the device and tap on the network setting.
  • Then, the two shows in the display like to obtain an IP address automatically or use the following IP address. And you select the use the following IP address option.
  • Then, enter the IP address, subnet, and gateway.
  • After that, click on the save option.

These are the wonderful steps to operate your wireless extender and mentioned problem-solving steps in underlines.

Troubleshooting steps of the AX1750 WI-FI Range Extender

I forgot the password of the extender, what should I do?

First, you need to try to restore the password. Secondly, enter the old password and username, and try to configure it. Thirdly, you need to reset the device. So, you need to modify the setting again.

The webpage configuration page cannot access what to do?

Check all the connections of your device and all connections are correct. Secondly, do to the setting try to log in to the device and click on the reset option in the setting. Then your problem will be solved.

When I connect the extender with an Ethernet cable to the router it does not work.

Sorry, this is only made to connect the router wirelessly. The Ethernet port is given on the extender to connect the smartTV and computer.

Why does my device speed become slow?

The wireless extender is placed out of the range of the router. Placed it near the router. The location of the device is important for the quality connection.

AX1750 WI-FI Range Extender Review

The AX1750 WI-FI Range Extender is an incredible device. This extends the router range in all corners of the home or another place, where you use it. My home is in a village. It is a very low range area. And last month, I purchased that device. It is a very excellent device.

They read all the features from the envelope of the device. I also read all information and instructions regarding the setup, installation, and login of the product. They read all about the app of the device. I downloaded the app and used it. All things are given on the app. I did the setup and installation of the extender from the app instruction by myself.

Features of the AX1750 WI-FI Range Extender

The features are strong network speed, AP mode, design, easy management and installation, parental control, TPlink tether app.

Design of the wireless range extender

The design of the extender is very convenient. It is very short and easily adjusted anywhere. We can easily put the extender in the pant pocket. It is easily fitted in every power outlet.

Dimensions of the wireless range extender

The dimensions of the extender are 2.9×1.8×4.9 in. (74.0×46×124.8 mm).

The specification of the AX1750 WI-FI Range Extender

The only one-gigabits port is given on the side of the device. The reset and WPS button to make a better connection. And two external antennas for spreading the range. The power consumption of the device is 10W. The wireless security is 64/128-bit WEP, WPA/WPA-PSK2 encryptions. The wireless function is to enable/disable wireless radio and wireless statics. 574 Mbps at 2.4GHz, 1201 Mbps at 5GHz this is the signal rate of the wireless range extender. This spreads and transfers data through the 2.4GHz and 5GHz radio frequencies.


How do I change the wireless or wired connection?

The extender connects with the router through a wireless connection. And the one port is given to connect the Ethernet cable with the smart TVs and mobile.

How do I reboot the AX1750 WI-FI Range Extender?

You need to use the WPS button for restarting or rebooting the extender. This button is given on the side of the extender.

The extender is not connected to the router. What can I do?

First, you should turn off the device and wait for 2-3 minutes. Then, start it again. In the second step, reboot the device with the WPS button.

How do I use the reset button?

The reset button is given on the router’s backside. For using the reset option, you need a pin and that pin enters in the hole of the reset option, wait for 10 seconds. All the LED lights are blinking. Then, your reset procedure is starting.

How do I set the new password again?

First, download the TPlink app. Then, enter in the setting of changing password and username. After putting in the new username and password. then, save it.

My extender does not blink light! What should I do?

You restart and the WPS button of the extender is used for rebooting the device. Then, it blinks the LED lights ON.

Can the theAX1750 WI-FI Range Extender work with other brand routers?

Yes, this extender easily works with every brand router.

Can this device connect with a router or mesh router?

This device will connect with both router or mesh router.