Tplink Omada AC1200 Extender Setup, Troubleshooting and Review

The Tplink Omada AC1200 wireless Extender envisages using the latest MU-MIMO technology. It is also using the 802.11ac latest wave technology which is useful for getting the fattest, stronger, and stable network connectivity. The Tp-link EAP225-Wireless Gigabit Outdoor Access Point easily provides dual-band network speeds using the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band frequency. It delivers a maximum of wifi networks up to 1200 Mbps in multiple devices at the same time without any issue. It protects your durable access point network connection with a securable stable or stronger network coverage.

The EAP225-outdoor boosts and amplifies the network speed into dead-zones and long distancing areas using the Mesh WiFi, Band Steering, Seamless Roaming, Airtime Fairness, and Beamforming technologies. You can fastly manage this wireless access point using remote cloud access and the Omada app.

Installation of the TP-Link Omada AC1200 outdoor access point

The Tp-link EAP225 Omada wireless extender installation process is very easy and fast. You can easily configure this extender using the passive PoE adapter, EAP, power cord, rest button, and shield ethernet cable. These are some steps for the TP-Link Omada AC1200 Extender installation.

  • Unbox your Omada access point first and foremost, if it is new, and arrange all the parts of this extender.
  • Also, connect your EAP extender antennas and all parts using the extender parts connecting guide.
  • After this, attach the ethernet cable with the PoE switch ethernet port for getting the network connection.
  • You have to choose a ventilates and waterproof area for your Tp-Link EAP225 wifi extender and also fix your extender on the wall.
  • Then, turn on your extender power using the PSE device or passive PoE device.
  • Now, connect this outdoor wireless access point with the existing wifi network using the Tp-link EAP225 app.
  • The Tp link Omada Ac1200 installation process is finally finish in a proper manner.
  • It is some usable Tp-link Omada wireless access point installation process steps. To install your outdoor gigabyte wireless access point follow the above-given instructions. You can get more details from official

Access the TP Link Omada Ac1200 access point Login page via the EAP Controller App

After installing your EAP225 wireless extender, now you want to access the TP Link AC1200 Omada WiFi extender login page to connect the WiFi network to your multiple devices. You don’t get frustrates about it, just follow the below steps and access the login page.

  • Using any device, open the web browser and make sure your device connects to the internet.
  • Now, click on the URL bar and search the IP address or
  • The web browser Tp-link AC1200 Omada EAP controller app page is accessible, you have to download it now.
  • Then, install it and open this EAP controller app by clicking on the app icon.
  • You can follow and access all the conditions of the EAP app and then sign in your extender using the Tp-link AC1200 default password and username.
  • The Tp-Link AC1200 Omada wireless extender login process is complete now.

These are some steps to log in to the Ac1200 EAP wireless access point by using the EAP controller app. It is helpful to you for accessing the login page.

TP-Link Omada AC1200 Wireless Extender setup

If you think about how to do the Tp-link Ac1200 Omada WiFi extender setup, you have to just follow the below steps.
The Tp-Link Ac1200 Omada extender quickly set it up by using the web browser page.
You have to open it now on your Pc web browser and type in the URL your Extender IP address or type

  • The Tp-link Omada wireless extender login page buffers now by the web browser.
  • Now, login to your Tp-link Omada Extender by using the username and password.
  • After completing the login process, you can go to the direct setup page.
  • Then, click on the administrating setting option and also complete the changes accordingly.
  • For completing the more changes, you have to follow the given setting on-screen instructions and complete the changes.
  • When you complete your TP-link Ac1200 Omada access point setup changes, you have to click on the apply option.
  • After this, your Tp-link EAP225 setup process is successfully complete in a proper way.

These are some TP Link Omada AC1200 (EAP225) setup points. You can use these steps for your access point setup. Make sure these steps are helpful to you configuring your Extender easily.

Tp-Link EAP225-Outdoor Access point Firmware Update

If you want to know how to update TpLink EAP225 Access Point firmware, then you can take the following steps.

  1. To update your Tp-link EAP225 firmware, you can use any device and go into the web browser.
  2. Afterward, you have to search in the web browser URL Tp-link EAP default IP Address of the access point and complete the Tp-link EAP225 login process by using the Tplink Omada AC-1200 default username and password.
  3. Then, complete the login process and go into the setting option.
  4. Through the Settings option, you can also update your Tplink ac-1200 firmware.
  5. Click on the firmware update option, meanwhile the Tp-link Omada AC1200 firmware update page is open now.
  6. You have to just follow on-screen instructions and update your access point firmware.

Now, your Tp-link EAP225 Firmware update process finishes now. To update your access point firmware follow the above-given instructions.

Troubleshoot the TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor WiFi access point issues

Sometimes, the Tplink EAP225 (AC1200) WiFi Extender causes various issues such as Tp-link EAP225 not working, tp-link ac1200 not connecting to the internet, Not dropping the internet, keeps disconnecting, or more relevant issues regarding this access point. To troubleshoot the various issues of the Tp Link Wireless follow the below steps.

  • First and foremost, reset your Tplink Ac1200 repeater to fix the Tp-Link not working issue.
  •  Also connect the existing router network with your EAP225 access point.
  • Verify again your Tplink login credentials through the web browser management page and troubleshoot the web page not working issue.
  • Disconnect all the networking wires from your access point and again connect with your access point Ethernet cable its LAN port.
  • You can also change your Tp-link access point setting to troubleshoot the various issues.
  • Disconnect unnecessary connected devices from your devices.
  • Change your Tp Link wireless setting, through the web setup page.

These are some Tp Link Omada Ac1200 wireless troubleshooting steps. You can also update your extender’s latest firmware.


Can I increase internet speed using the Tplink Omada Ac1200 (EAP225)?

Of course yes, If your Tp-link Omada access point internet speed is too slow and weak, you can just try the following settings steps to change the Wi-Fi mode. You have to first go into the wireless setting option and click on the “Wireless 2.4GHz”. Similarly, you can also change through wireless setting 5G frequency band Wi-Fi settings in “Wireless 5GHz”. Surely, these changes may help to increase the internet speed using the Tplink Omada Ac1200 (EAP225) and it performs better than its previous performance.

How to reset My Tplink Omada EAP225 outdoor access point?

To reset your access point, you have to first unplug your device. After a few times again also plug in your devices in the power outlet. Now, press or hold the WPS button using any object. Hold them for three seconds and leave the WPS button. The Tplink EAP225 reset now in a proper way.

What should I do if the Tp-link Omada AC1200 is not connecting?

To troubleshoot the Tp-link Omada not connecting issue, you can check or verify that your access point is properly connected with the power adapter and also verify that your power adapter is also connected properly with the wall outlet electric switch. Again, connect the WiFi network with your extender by moving your extender to another location to make sure these changes troubleshoot the TP link Omada AC1200 is not connecting issues.

Tplink Omada Ac1200 outdoor WiFi repeater review

The Tplink EAP225 access point is working perfectly. Many people use this Extender for extending the existing wifi network also in the whole home. Many customers give a better Tplink Omada Ac1200 outdoor WiFi repeater review through its adjustable antennas. If you have been knowing about its perfect place for providing the WiFi network without any hassle just keep this extender nearby the location of your router. It provides the network signal strength between the IP cameras is much stronger than your previous AP you have to use to initially connect the cameras.

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