TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender

The TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender is a helping hand for boosting up the wifi speed with the help of two external antennas. With the use of its two high-range external antennas, it provides safe and secure internet connectivity. Moreover, the wifi range extender is compatible with any kind of access point, wireless routers, and gateways. You can even consider it more than a repeater, it is RE105 as it supports AP mode that helps to create a WiFi access point at the home. Along with that, the TP-link extender offers you a fast ethernet port so that you can experience breakthrough wireless speed anywhere throughout the house and then you can connect to your favorite device and enjoy a seamless internet connection.

The TP-Link N300 range extender offers you a better wifi range with its two major external antennas that use MIMO technology. The use of the MIMO technology helps to improve the range connection with other traditional wifi range extenders. Although the TP-Link wifi range extender is set up within minutes. It can also manage the wifi connection with some quick and easy tips.

Flawless Features of the TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender

The TP-Link N300 universal wifi range extender offers you the easy setup of the device. Either you can manage it with the TP-Link tethering app or use the web-based management setup. Moreover, all the wifi range extenders are specially designed to improve or increase the wifi coverage directly or indirectly, it impacts the speed of the wifi range extender. Hence, you should get more familiar with the N300 range extender. Read these flawless features of the TP-Link extender to know more about the device.

  • As you know, the TP-Link wifi range extender helps to increase the wifi range with its 300 Mbps of speed. So that it can access and reach up to every small or hidden corner in your house.
  • It made the setup process intuitive and simple. You just need to hit on the EPS button with your thumb and then be ready to enjoy the wifi connection. With a smart LED indicator that helps to find an appropriate location for the device.
  • The RE105 wifi range extender can seamlessly extend the current wifi network connection with specially designed antennas. Now you can watch your favorite content online without any kind of buffering.
  • The TP-Link N300 access point mode turns the Ethernet port into its own personal wifi hotspot. It helps to create a wifi network connection to an internet source with experienced and reliable wifi speed.
  • The TP-Link wifi extender is featured with apps and can be controlled by its apps. You can manage and set up the wifi connection through the TP-Link mobile device whether it is Android or iOS. Both the devices can easily manage the TP-Link N300 app.

These are the features that explain the quality of the TP-Link N300 wifi range extender.

TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender Setup

As you know, the TP-Link range extender is a user-friendly device and provides two simple options to do the setup of the device. As the TP-Link offers you the URL or web interface that helps to make the setup process easy. The is the login page that allows the tp-link users to configure the network settings. Let’s begin the setup of the TP-link range extender with its web URL. To know the installation process, read the TP-Link N300 installation guide.

Setup of the TP-Link wifi extender by using the web interface.

Use of the web management interface is also known as the TP-Link N300 setup without WPS.

  • First place the wifi range extender and then connect the device with the computer or the laptop by using the TP-Link SSID network name.
  • Then access the internet browser into the computer and type into the address bar.
  • Instead of using the web interface, you can use 192.168. 1.1 IP address of the TP-Link wifi range extender.
  • This web address lets you to the admin access page where you have to put the credential details such as the username and the TP-Link N300 default wifi password.
  • After that, you can select a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network connection to connect to the wireless router and then enter the wifi password.
  • Then provide a specified name to the extender network connection.
  • Hence, press Save to complete the setup process.
Setup of the TP-Link wifi range extender with its WPS button

Well, you can do the setup of the TP-link wifi extender. But first, check the range extender device that should support the WPS button. If it does not support the WPS then you have to go with the web interface of the TP-Link range extender. For the TP-Link N300 quick setup, use the TP-Link N300 WPS button

  • Firstly, find the WPS button on the range extender and then find the existing wifi router by locating it in the right place.
  • Then you need to push the WPS button of the TP-Link wifi extender and then press the WPS button of the existing wifi router.
  • An LED light on the tp-link extender becomes stable and it takes a few minutes.
  • Now the tp-link N300 outdoor wifi extender will start updating the settings of the wifi connection with the existing wireless router.
  • After that, you can connect to the extender wireless network connection.
  • Now connect to the and the page opens where you can customize the wireless network settings of the TP-Link N300 wifi range extender.

Setup of the TP-Link wifi range extender with the TP-Link tethering App

To use the tp-link tether app and configure the settings with the app. Check out these simple steps via the tethering app.

  • Prominently, install the tether app on your smartphone which is available at Google or the Apple Play Store.
  • You can also install it on a computer device.
  • Now place the tp-link device with the wireless router and then wait for the extender to restart it.
  • Then connect the mobile device or the laptop to the TP-Link Tether app.
  • After that open the app and enter your details as an admin so that the app will let you access it with the network name.
  • You require a TP-Link N300 password to use the app as an admin.
  • Finally, you can connect the tp-link network extender network connection with the router and the network name.

For the TP-Link N300 long-range outdoor wifi extender setup, follow these advised tips. For more help, refer to the TP-Link N300 user manual.

TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender Troubleshooting tips

The TP-Link N300 troubleshooting tips help to resolve the errors that exist in the tp-link wifi range extender. We have picked some major or usual questions that create problems in the device. Along with these questions, we have recommended you the tips to resolve these issues.

Why does TP-Link N300 keep disconnecting from the wifi connection?

There may be a reason behind this error that your wifi range extender keeps dropping the connection. Then it shows the incompatibility to broadcast the wifi connection to the wifi router and the client device. When you connect the range extender with your laptop or the computer then it shows a problem. So to resolve this TP-link N300 problem, you can reset the settings of the device.

Why is the TP-Link N300 not connecting to the internet?

Make sure that the wireless router should be turned on and provide a stable quality internet connection. Also, check the access control or MAC filtering of the wireless router and then disable the settings of the device. Also, you need to check that you have entered the right wifi address into the URL with the relevant password to access the extender device.

Why is the TP-Link N300 not working?

To get the tp-link range extender into working condition, connect the wifi router to another wireless device to check the compatibility of the device and make sure that the internet should be working well with both the devices. Then, you need to check the TP-link N300 IP address that you have entered correctly into the address bar instead of using the web address. Also, check for the DNS server and the default gateway address of the tp-link wifi range extender.

How to reset the TP-link N300 wifi range extender?

For the TP-Link N300 factory reset, do follow these steps.

  • Firstly, turn the power on of the tp-link wifi range extender.
  • Afterward, find out the TP-Link N300 extender reset button, that you would find on the rear panel of the device.
  • Then simply push the reset button for more than ten seconds.
    After that, slowly release the button and the range extender will reboot itself and then your device resets.

How to do the TP-link N300 firmware update?

For the firmware upgrade of the device, you need to ensure that your tp link range extender model supports the hardware version of the device. Also, it is recommended to the users that before they upgrade their device, kindly backup the current configured settings. This is because the firmware upgrade may clear all the settings that you have done with the wifi extender have all vanished. For the backup, select the system tools and then tap into the backup and restore the device. Hence you can save the current settings easily. Now follow the steps for the firmware upgrade of the file.

  • First of all, install the latest firmware version and then use the unzip tool to unzip the firmware file to the folder.
  • Then you need to login into the TP-Link web management interface page.
  • Then simply select the system tools and click on the firmware upgrade.
  • Afterward, tap on the system tools and choose the firmware upgrade and then click on the browse button.
  • Now click on the upgrade button and the device will start rebooting automatically.
  • When the firmware upgrade is completed, you need to wait for two minutes and ensure that the device is updated successfully or not.
  • Then click on the factory restore button from the settings of the system tools and restore all the previous settings of the device.

TP-Link N300 wifi extender review

It is the best wifi range extender that I have used to date. It completely eliminates the dead zones from the house. After the arrival of the device, it takes only five minutes to complete the setup of the device. It is plugged into the wall outlet and it’s done, because it supports the WPS button. I get a total average of 24 Mbps of internet speed in my whole house which is enough for me. However, it does not have a power cord, simply put the wifi range extender into the wall outlet. Then it automatically creates a wifi network connection in your entire house. As it is smaller but power-packed. You can use it in your daily activities and it completely revolves around the internet connectivity issues from your working life.