TP Link Extender 5GHz

The TP-Link wifi range extender helps to boost the wifi signal range into your entire house. Obviously, the tp-link wireless extender is small in size yet powerful and strong. You can place it anywhere in your house. It flawlessly expands its wifi range and takes over all the small or hidden corners of your surroundings. When you use the push button of the range extender then it seamlessly boosts its range connection to connect all the wireless devices effectively. Moreover, you can make adjustments to the TP Link Extender 5GHz or 2.4 GHz of the networking band and set it according to the coverage area.

The TP-Link wireless range extender allows you to set the networking bands according to the area demands. With the help of the TP-Link tether app, you can make adjustments to the connection and control the functioning of the LED lights. In the following article, we’ll tell you how you can reconcile the bands that will be compatible with other 802.11n/g/b operating bands.

Step by Step process of TP Link Extender 5GHz Adjustment

As you know, the TP-Link range extender offers two high-speed modes that you can connect to the main wireless router device on the 2.4 GHz networking band and connect to the device of the 5GHz. Another one is to connect the extender to the main wireless router device on the 5 GHz networking band and then connect to the wireless devices of the 2.4 GHz networking band. So here we introduce the high-speed mode of TP Link Extender 5GHz and the steps to configure it are as follows:

  • The first step towards adjustments to the TP Link Extender 5GHz is to log in via the web management interface by using the domain name of or use the default IP address into the location bar.
  • Now you are on the login page where you have to put the login credentials details on the two blank fields of the username and the wifi password.
  • Hence click on the login to log into the web management interface.
  • After the login, go to the settings and click on the wireless button and then tap on the connect to network icon.
  • Similarly, click on the wireless scanner of the 2.4 GHz network band.
  • Therefore, select and connect to the wireless network.
  • Moreover, you can untrammel the 5 GHz and disable the 5G connection with the router.
  • Consequently, click on the save to complete the settings of the main wifi router with the wireless extender.
  • After that, again visit the settings of the TP-Link extender and choose the wireless option and then extend the network connection.
  • Now simply enable the 5 GHz networking band and disable the 2.4 GHz of the extended network band and save the settings.
  • As we have already configured the settings of the range extender with the wireless router device.
  • Hence, it connects to the main wifi router and broadcasts its wireless signal range in a 5G network connection only.

Follow these above-mentioned steps to connect the TP Link Extender 5GHz networking band.

Why is the TP-Link WiFi Extender not able to Spot 5 GHz of the wireless network with the main wireless router?

It usually happens when the tp-link range extender is unable to scan the 5 GHz of network connection with the host router. And the extender is unable to find out the host router’s WiFi hotspot connection. Try these resolving tips to deal with this kind of problem.

  • Make sure to place the wifi range extender near to the host router after the immediate setup of both the devices with each other.
  • The next step is to confirm that the host router’s 5 GHz wireless network connection is working appropriately and whether it is able to connect to other wireless devices or not.
  • In case, the host router and the wifi range extender are sharing the same SSID 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz then to keep the problem away change the SSID 5 GHz band of the router with the extender.
  • Also, you need to change the 5 GHz wireless network to the host router

Why is the TP-Link range extender unable to find out the 5 GHz host network?

When you are completing the configuration process and the range extender is unable to detect the host network then try out these amazing tips that can solve your problem related to the 5 GHz host network.

  • To connect to the wifi range extender with the 5 GHz host WiFi network, then ensure that the wifi network should not be hidden or uncensored.
  • Check the wifi network name and the default password and verify that the host wifi network is used on mobile phones or laptops.
  • Also, you need to check the network channels that host the 5 GHz wifi network and try to configure it with other networking channels

How to Stable the TP Link Extender 5GHz wireless connection?

To stable the 5 GHz wireless connection follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Locate the wifi range extender closer to the host router or modem (make sure to make an accurate distance of three meters away from the modem or router device).
  • Now tap on the rescan button for the quick configuration to the router or modem. You can attempt three trials to rescan the wifi network.
  • After that go to the next page and check the availability of the network connection. Maybe the device is showing many networking devices that’s why it is not stably connected to the extender.
  • Then reboot the settings of the host router and the tp-link wifi extender. In case, it is needed then try to rescan the wifi network again.

In case these ideas do not work with the TP Link Extender 5GHz wireless network band then you can try to upgrade the firmware or try to reset into the default settings of the tp-link wifi range extender.