TP Link archer C5400-X vs Netgear gaming router

Heavy duty wireless routers are becoming a norm by every passing day. Today let’s move out of our way and compare two of the most powerful routers in the heavy duty witless network franchise. Let’s talk about specifications right off the bat. Just because the specifications are a part of the product data that tends to stand out the most. Lets see which one outshines the other. Here all the things are explaining about TP Link archer C5400 VS Netgear gaming router.

Clash of specifications TP Link archer C5400 And Netgear.

Now, while the TP-Link archer C5400-X is a triple band router. The Netgear gaming router, also known as the XR500 nighthawk pro is a dual band router when put in a head to head comparison. The number of the supported bandwidths do no actually directly decide the power and capabilities of the router, they do have effects. It does define the workmanship behind the product. It’s price to quality ratio. In both these terminologies, the TP-Link archer takes the lead massively.

Next let’s take a look at the speeds of both these router when compared. The former can boast of giving speeds up to 2167 mbps in the two 5 GHz channels available on it. About a 1000 mbps of speeds on the singular 2.4 GHz channel. Perfectly suited for gamers as they keep the router in close range and rely more on speeds than on range. The Netgear gaming router however, can give speeds up to 1733 mbps on a 5 GHz singular channel and about 800 mbps on the 2.4 GHz singular channel. Here again, the Netgear gaming router takes off with a massive lead, in terms of speed which is a pre requisite for any gamer trying to be better at the game.

Design and flexibility of usage: power over flexibility?

Moving on towards a more design oriented part of the competition. The archer has a total of 8 individually detachable antennae. Which gives it a whole lot more flexibility and range in comparison to the 4 high power fixed antennae of the Netgear router. Though the speeds and range of the devices are not dependent upon the number of antennae completely. The flexibility of the usage of the antennae plays a major part in convenience. Range would not be a big factor in the life of a gamer but having detachable antennae makes it a lot easier to keep up with needs. Imagine being able to change the number of antennae each time for a new look. I would totally go for it.

Performance ratios and built in hardware: TP Link archer C5400 or Netgear Gaming router?

Brushing aside the design factors, let’s take a peek at the processors and in built hardware. They do play an important role in making your gaming experience surreal. The Netgear gaming extender has a built in 512 MB of RAM, 256 MB flash and a 1.7 GHz dual core processor as opposed to the 1.8 GHz quad CPU plus triple core processor and a GB or RAM. In addition to all of that, the archer also has a built in anti virus system and timely virus detection updates to keep your computer safe from the woes of the internet.

What should you buy out of the two? Case senarios.

So far the archer has taken a strong leap ahead of the Netgear extender making it the better option of the two but there is a place where the Netgear extender takes a lead. The price tag of course. Though you might be able to sacrifice a bit on the extenders range. The speeds and performance by a bit, the price tag will go easy on your pocket. The Netgear extender is by far half the rate of the archer while being quite close to it. If not equivalent in terms of performance and hardware.

When it comes to gaming hard core, the archer would be a better option for gamers trying to go full on. The price tag wouldn’t matter to them in terms of the performance that they are getting back. It would although be a bad idea to spend twice as much money for a decent bit of outperformance. The archer is on one hand able to create the best gaming experience. This gaming Experience with it’s wide and strong network support with great speeds. While Netgear gaming router is able to provide a little if not much less than the archer extender in terms of performance. If you are taking it from a budgets point of view. The archer has been made while keeping in mind the needs of a gamer and therefore more emphasis was made in making the speeds and performance better for the best performance.

Netgear gaming router Specification

On the other hand, the Netgear gaming router as we have seen above is not a peak performance router. But can be very usable in terms of gaming. The specifications on the Netgear gaming router and it’s performance is not very far away from the performance data of the archer router. In comparison with the pricing, the Netgear router comes at half the price of the archer and therefore is a much viable option.

TP Link archer C5400 Specification

If you weren’t on a tight budget and wanted the best specifications. Then I would recommend the archer as it has the better specifications. But if you were looking for decent specifications in budget. I would want you to go for the Netgear gaming router. At the end I would like to give an unbiased opinion. For C5400 Details you can easily get the tplinkrepeater web address

Final Words

All in all both the routers have their perks and shortcomings. Both can outshine each other in different perspectives and from different point if views. Both are quite powerful enough to provide you with an excellent gaming experience. These Provides a little bulge over the other graph in a variety of ways. While choosing any of them as the better one would be unfair I would still go out of my way and say that the archer is a better extender, as it outshines the Netgear gaming router in majority of comparison criteria.

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