How to setup tp-link RE305 AC1200 Repeater

Tp-Link re305 AC1200 Setup

Its design, its range its price everything is par from other extenders available in the market in the same price segment. Tp link ac1200 extender re305 is made for small houses with 2 rooms or more with 300mbps at 2.4 GHz and 876mbps at 5GHz.

It provides a combined speed up to 1.2 GB/s and network coverage of 500 sq. The idea of having two separate WI-FI bands is to provide separate frequencies for different devices and also to reduce the traffic that it handles in total providing you with interruption-free Internet.

You can configure this tplink re305 extender as Access Point by connecting it directly to your router via Ethernet Cable or Ethernet Wall Port via ethernet cable. The Four LED signal on the top of re305 extender shows the Power ON/OFF status, the wifi status, 2.4GHz & 5GHz status. It also supports Wi-Fi data transfer rates that are 3 times faster than regular extenders due to 802.11ac technology. Setup tp-link re305 ac1200 repeater can be done with the help of a Tether App or WPS or

Tp-Link re305 setup

How to setup TP-Link ac1200 re305 extender via Tether App

      • First of all plug in your re305 range extender into a wall outlet and wait for the power light to turn solid blue.
      • Now goto settings>Wifi>Network list>
      • There you will find your tplink repeater default name as “Tplink_Extender2.4G/5G” connect to it and enter the password as ‘12345678’ or ‘admin’.
      • Tap and connect to this network. It will show as an open network. After connecting to this network it will show you “no internet”
      • Now Download the Tether App for Android | iOS.
      • Open Tether App and select re305 on the screen. Create a password to manage your account.
      • Tp-Link Ac1200 will now scan all the available networks in your area.
      • Select the main Wifi Network that you want to extend and type in it’s password.
      • Also, you can customize your extender network name in this setup and hit finish.
      • The extender will reboot saving and configuring the applied settings for around 60 seconds.
      • Lastly, unplug it and place it halfway between your router and the place where you need the Internet.
      • In case it doesn’t work open a browser and type http or in the browser.

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How to Setup tp-link re305 via WPS

      • Firstly, plug in the Tp link RE305 repeater in the same room as your router or within 5-10 feet of range from the router.
      • Now, wait until the power LED on the extender turns solid blue.
      • Press and hold the WPS on your configured/working router for around 2 seconds.
Setup tp-link re305
  • Repeat the same process on your repeater. The WPS is on the top of your tp-link re305 repeater.
  • You will find the blinking WPS LED on the router and the extender.
  • It hardly takes 10-15 seconds for the tp link repeater to get connected with the router.
  • Moreover, once the connection is successful the WPS LED or signal LED will turn solid blue on the extender.
  • Now you can unplug the extender and place it at the place where you need Internet Connectivity.
  • Moreover, for best coverage place it halfway between your router and the place where you need the Internet.
  • Lastly, we should place tp link ac1200 away from big electrical appliances like microwaves etc.

TP-Link RE 305 Repeater Setup via browser

      • Connect your device to the Wi-Fi network that says ‘TP-Link Extender 2.4G/5G’ or something similar.
      • Connecting to it for the first time won’t require any password, since it will currently not have any security and passwords set to it.
      • Once connected, open your browser and enter ‘’ in the address bar.
      • It will ask for an administrative username and password. Enter ‘admin’ as the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’. You will now enter into the TP-Link RE305 AC1200 setup interface.
      • In the quick setup, select the name (SSID) of the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network that you want to extend and enter the password.
      • Similarly, for the next 5Ghz network, select the name (SSID) that and enter the password.
      • Click on the ‘Save’ button to apply the changes and the tplink repeater will now restart and will configure in a couple of minutes.
      • Now go to the Wi-Fi networks list from your device and connect to the one that you have just now created.


How do I reset the TP-LINK RE305 repeater to its default settings?

      • Using a tiny pin, press the hole that is present next to the ‘Power’ button that has a label of ‘Reset’ on the back of the extender for about 1-2 seconds.
      • Another option is to use the ‘Setup Interface’ and going into ‘System Tools’ and then select ‘Factory Reset’ also from the ‘Backup & Restore’ option.

What should I do if I am unable to access the web management page?

      • Connect your device to the extender using Wi-Fi, an ethernet cable or via the ‘Tether’ app. Make sure you are not connected to the router’s Wi-Fi instead of the extender.
      • Enter ‘’ or also ‘’ in the address bar of your web browser.
      • If this option does not work, try to use another new browser as it could be some ‘cookies’ that are disabled.
        Reset (or) Reboot the Wi-Fi extender.

What should I do if I forget my administrative login password?

      • If you had already enabled the ‘Password Recovery’ option during the setup, then on the login page you can just click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option to create a new password again.
      • Refer and visit to create a new password for your extender.

Signal LED doesn’t turn on a ‘solid’ color after the completion of the RE305 AC1200 repeater setup?

      • Make sure you recheck the Wi-Fi password that you had entered for the extender.
      • The distance of the extender must not be placed more than 16 feet from the router and is also away from any obstruction and large appliances.
      • Try setting up the extender using the WPS method.
      • Disable the wireless MAC filtering, wireless access control, access control list also (ACL) in your extender.
        Reset (or) Reboot the Wi-Fi extender.
How do I reset the wireless password (or) if I forget it?
      • Visit and enter the administrative ‘username’ and ‘password’ to enter into the configuration interface.
      • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Wireless Settings’ under the ‘Wireless’ option and select ‘Reset my Password’.
      • Click here to download Tp-Link RE305 AC1200 Repeater Pdf Manual.

TPLINK RE 305 Review

Sitting at about 7.8 x 7.8 X 6 cm and approximately 180 grams is one of the most minuscule remedies for WiFi issues out there. With a clean white finish and silver lining, this product looks small and also yet elegant. There are two antennas on either side of the extender that accordingly adjusted as per user requirement. The provision of an Ethernet port and a pinhole reset button is given at the bottom of the device. Heating would never be an issue because of the little openings present on either side of the device. The top of the device features a WPS button along with four status lights that display particulars of the product.

The Benefits

The TP-Link re305 is well in the budget for a medium house or also a small office and possesses a dual-band functionality that provides flexibility in the type of use. It has a wide range and an easy setup and management function. It is quite sturdy and has less susceptibility to damage. Tp Link RE305 AC1200 has easily readable LED functions to assist you. It can also act as a stand-alone Wireless router when connected to an Ethernet cable. RE305 can easily be plugged into a wall socket anywhere because it doesn’t have wired adapters.

Final verdict

The TP-link re305 is a well built, in the budget, multi-functional, top of the charts Wireless Fidelity extender that is really worth your money and a complete solution for those areas that your router fails to reach otherwise. In a nutshell, it is a total package of wholesome, seamless, and uninterrupted connectivity that really deserves a try.

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