How to setup tp-link AC2600 mu mimo extender re650

Tplink RE650 Extender Setup

Tplinkrepeater RE650 Mu-Mimo helps in streaming 4K videos or playing online games on your gaming console without buffering. With 4-Stream and 256 QAM working together, the ac2600 RE650 is made to take care of each of your family members’ needs. Also have a smart processor, it provides you a speed unparalleled to other Range Extenders in the market. With this speed, you can connect your smart home devices easily and download HD files with no lag. MU-MIMO technology helps you to stay connected with the Internet even when you walk around your home, MU-MIMO compatible router is all you need with this Tplink RE650 extender. Beamforming technology makes the tp link RE650‘s already impressive coverage even better. Also With Beamforming, the tp-link ac2600 RE650 can detect the direction of its Wi-Fi connections and focus its wireless signal towards them, helping strengthen your home’s overall Wi-Fi performance.

Light status on Re650 repeater

SIGNAL (lock)

    • A blue light on it confirms that the connection between a router and the repeater is successful and it is receiving the strongest signals.
    • Red means that the extender is receiving poor signals and you need to move it closer to the router.
    • If it blinks then it means the WPS connection is in progress.
    • Off confirms no connection is made between the router and the repeater.

2.4GHz and 5Ghz

    • If these two lights are ON that means the connection was successful for these bands. If these lights are OFF then it means the connection failed for these respective bands.


  • When it is lit that confirms, the repeater is ON.
  • Blinking means the extender is booting up.
  • OFF means it is not powered.
TP-Link RE650 Extender Setup

AC2600 RE650 TP-Link Extender Setup via WPS:-

  • Firstly plug-in the tp-link RE650 range extender close to your router, maybe in the same room or within 5-10 feet of range.
  • Once the power light turns stable on the extender, go to your router.
  • Now push the WPS button on your already configured router, make sure the WPS light on the router starts blinking.
  • Go ahead and push the WPS on the extender within 2 minutes. It is at the front of the tplink RE650 Extender.
  • In case you have dual-band router repeat the same process for the 5GHz too by pressing the WPS again on extender and router once it gets configure for 2.4GHz already.
  • Once you have solid WiFi light on extender then unplug it and place it halfway between your router and the place where you need the Internet.
  • Lastly, For better results place the extender away from large appliances.

Setup tplink re650 extender ac2600 via web browser

Setup tp-link re650 extender
  • For this setup we recommend you place the repeater halfway between your router and the place where you need WiFi. Make sure the repeater should be receiving atleast 50% of the signal strength from router.
  • Power on your re650 repeater and wait until the power LED on it turns stable. You can check the light status table for better understanding of the LED’s.
  • Now we need to connect to the extender’s network. We can do that wirelessly and wired as well, lets see both methods.
  • For wireless connection grab any of your laptop/phone and go to the WiFi list and connect to the tp-link_extender_2.4GHZ or tp-link_extender_5GHz network name.
  • For wired connection connect and ethernet cable from your re650 ac2600 repeater to the LAN port on your computer/laptop.
  • So, once connected through either of the above mention ways, then open a browser on the same device. Make sure the browser should be updated, and in the URL or address bar type or
It will take you to the tplink setup wizard page. Type “admin” when prompted for username and password.
  • The next step requires you to select the network name that you want to extend among the list and type the password for the same. The password is case sensitive so type it as it is.
  • A confirmation window will now pop-up on your screen which shows you your extended network name, security type, and the password. If you want to customize your network name you can do it here. Default extended network name will be your “SSID_EXT”.
  • After applying the settings your tp link ac2600 repeater will reboot and will be ready to use. Remember to remove the ethernet cable from the extender if you connected one earlier for setup purposes. You can even connect your devices like computer, smart tv, etc with ethernet to a repeater, this way it provides faster speed.

How to block devices on tp-link repeater.

Access control features allow you to block any unknown or suspicious devices from your network. With this feature, you can block any IP address or device which you think doesn’t belong to your home or office. It just takes a few clicks and you will be able to unblock it too in the future if you feel like. Lets start-

  • First of all login into your repeater with the help of or it’s assigned IP address. Login into your router>> goto wireless settings>> then to DHCP or client list or attached devices>> there you will see your extender and it’s IP address. To login to your tp-link re650 repeater type that IP address at the very top in the URL.
  • Once asked for login credentials type the username and password you created. The default username and password is “admin”.
  • Now go to Settings on your repeater then to advanced settings and finally access control.
  • Tap “Access Control” to enable it. Now select blacklist and hit save.
  • In your device table list select the device that you want to block or blacklist. To do this checkmark the box in front of the device name that you want to block.
  • You can even modify the time for which that device has to be blocked. Once finished click OK.

How to Setup Tplink RE650 Extender as an access point?

For access point setup you will need a good quality long ethernet cable. Connect an ethernet cable between your router’s LAN port to the re650. The access point provides better internet speed than a normal wireless setup. So it will be a better option if you don’t mind ethernet cable 20-30 feet long running between your router and repeater. Let’s start the re650 AP setup

  • Place the repeater at the place where you need the internet. Make sure ethernet should be connected between your router and repeater.
  • Now, connect to Tp-Link_extender_2.4GHz or Tp-Link_Exteder_5GHz showing up in your WiFi list from your laptop/desktop/phone/tablet, etc.
  • Once connected open any updated browser on the very same device and in the address bar type or
  • On the setup wizard page type “admin” for both username and password. Now select the settings options on the top right-hand corner and then select the “Mode” as AP. After this your repeater might reboot again, so if it does make sure to connect to Tp-Link_extender_2.4GHz or Tp-Link_Exteder_5GHz again in your WiFi list. Now open a browser and in the URL or address bar type
RE650 Extender
  • Now since we have selected the AP mode so now we will have to create an SSID, password, and security type. For this on setup wizard page goto Wireless option and make changes there according to your need.
  • Once the settings are saved you will see the network name that you created showing up in your WiFi list connect your devices to it and enjoy high-speed tp-link re650 repeater.

What to do if I forgot tp-link AC2600 repeater password?

Here if you are talking about repeater’s WiFi password then we will have to reset tplink ac2600 repeater. In this case, the best way will be to login to your repeater page and reset the password. Or you can even manually reset the repeater with the help of a paper clip. To login to your repeater type in the URL of your browser and goto >> settings>> wireless settings>> to retrieve or reset the password. In case you want to reset it manually then put the paper clip inside the reset hole on your repeater for around 10 seconds while the repeater is still plug into the wall.

How to update tplink re650 extender firmware?

The Latest firmware update is necessary to keep our devices run smooth. Each time we update our devices we will feel our devices are working at their optimum level. Also, firmware updates fix bugs or security loopholes if any. The latest firmware updates provide us with new features released officially by the company. let’s start the firmware update-

  • First of all note down your current firmware version and download the latest firmware from
  • Now login into your repeater via and type your credentials to login into it.
  • tap settings>> system tools>> Firmware update.
  • select browse option and locate the file that you downloaded and upload it here.
  • Make sure you have connected the computer with an ethernet cable to the router while firmware update. Also, do not turn off your repeater during a firmware update.
  • Click here to download TpLink re650 extender pdf manual.


The TP-Link re 650 is a dual-band range extender with an excellent range. It is very compact and has a simple plug and play function making it compact and convenient at the same time. The extender is quite easy on the price tags and can also function as an access point which gives it full marks for flexibility. I would personally want the antennae to be built inclusively but the extender has 4 external flap-type antennae. This does make it less of a pleasant sight but the claims are that they are the secret of its awesome range. We can work with that then. Can’t we?

The extender also have a very easy setup method and can be use almost anywhere. Applicable in home school offices, businesses, and other places. Its compatibility is also quite high and it would work with almost any router available in the market. Capable of filtering out those Wi-Fi dead spots right from their roots, the re650 extender is a good and reliable extender. In my opinion, the re650 is highly recommended for small scale uses although it can also be used in a slightly larger area. Recommendations 9/10.

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