How to setup tp-link AC1200 RE300 wifi range extender

TP-Link AC1200 RE300 WiFi Range Extender

This range extender supports the dual-band WiFi with AC1200 speed, Tp-Link RE300 Enable one mesh technology with compatible TP-Link Archer A7 router. In order to enable one mesh update the A7 firmware to the latest version. One mesh creates a mesh Wi-Fi network that covers your home in fast, seamless Wi-Fi. It can be easily Setup through Tether App or through WPS too. Its smart Signal Indicator is used to find the best place for its optimal Internet connectivity. This Re300 TPLink Extender comes with Adaptive path selection navigates the repeater to the fastest connection path and paired with high-speed mode, you easily stream HD videos as well as HD games.

LED Light status on Tplink Re300 extender

There are four LED lights at the front of the re300 repeater. The Firstlight is Power, second is Signal, third and fourth are 2.4GHz and 5GHz lights respectively. Here we will learn about the status of this repeater. It is important for us to know our extender in order to use it to its optimum level. Let’s begin-

  • Off- This represents that the extender is turned off
  • Blinking- Re 300 is booting up or the firmware is getting updated


  • Red- It is not receiving strong signals from the router, maybe it is plugged in far from the router. Try moving it closer to the router.
  • Blinking- WiFi protected Setup is running.
  • Off- No successful connection was made between the router and the tplink re300 repeater.


  • On/Off- It is connected or not connected to the router.
TP-Link AC1200 RE300 extender

tp link re 300 Specifications:-

  • TP-link RE300 range extender is compatible with all latest routers, access points, as well as ISP gateways.
  • An Intelligent Signal Indicator directs you to the best location to place your range extender for the fastest Internet Speed.
  • With just one Push you can Setup your TP-Link Extender through WPS compatible routers.
  • It hardly takes a minute to setup a range extender with the help of the Tether App.
  • This range Extender is made to work as a mesh network to work with a single WIFi Network name. You can easily connect this range extender with the TP-Link Archer A7 router.

TP-Link AC1200 RE300 Setup via Tether App:-

    • Firstly plugin the Tp-link RE300 WiFi range extender into a wall outlet close to your router.
    • Wait until the LED light on the WiFi range Extender turns solid.
    • Open your TP-Link tether app.
    • NOTE:- click here to download the tether app for Android | for iOS.
    • Now go to the WiFi list on your device and connect to the default WiFi name(SSID) of your Tplink range extender i.e. TP-Link_Extender.
    • Launch the Tether App and click on the TP-Link ac1200 re300 extender.
    • It will ask you to create a password to log in to your device.
    • Your extender will now scan for all the available networks in your space.
    • Select your 2.4GHz host network and type in the password and hit NEXT.
    • Likewise, you need to do the same for the 5GHz network too.
    • NOTE:- you can skip the step if your router doesn’t support 5GHz.
    • In this step, you can change the default extender network name as you like.
    • Moreover, Your tp-link RE300 range extender will now reboot itself, which means you will see some changes in the lights.
    • Note:- It takes around a Minute for extender to reboot properly.
    • Relocate the TP-Link RE300 extender.

IMP:- For Best Results.

  • Plugin your range extender halfway between your router and the place where you need the Internet.
  • Place the RE300 in an open area.
  • Keep the extender away from the large appliances.

TPLink re300 Setup via Browser

    • First and foremost place the extender in the same room as your router and wait until the power light on it turns stable. For smooth setup both the devices should be in approx 5-10 feet of range.
    • Now grab your wireless devices like laptop, cell-phone, etc. Go to the WiFi list on each device.
    • On phones goto settings>>WiFi, on a Windows computer click on the WiFi icon present on the right-hand corner, For mac users click on the WiFi icon on the top right corner.
    • In your WiFi list, you will see the “tp-link_extender” network name i.e. your extender. Connect to it.
    • When you connect to it, it may show you “no internet available” or “unsecured”. You don’t have to worry about that.
    • The next thing is to open a browser. Now many times as you open a browser the tplink setup wizard automatically pops up, in case it doesn’t type or in the URL at the very top of the browser.
    • It will then ask you to create a log in password. This is your administrative password to login to your tp link re300 admin account. So whenever in the future you login into your repeater admin panel you will need to authenticate with this password.
    • Next, it will ask you to select your router’s 2.4GHz network name among the list of all available networks. Repeat the process if your router supports 5GHz as well. You will have to type the password for these networks too.
    • In the next window, you will be given the option to change the name of the repeater network according to your wish or just leave it as it is.
Once you hit next, it will show you the final window with your re300 extended network name and its password.
  • Now you will be able to see this network name on your WiFi list. You can try connecting your devices to the network and remember the password is the same as your router.
  • You can also relocate the device according to your need and you won’t have set it up again. For best results place it away from big appliances and halfway between the router and the dead zone area.

Tp-Link re300 easy setup via WPS

  • To start the WPS setup make sure your router supports WPS. Also, it should be enabled from your router’s admin panel otherwise the physical button on the router won’t work.
  • Now plugin the extender in the same room as the router and wait for the power LED to turn solid.
  • Push the WPS button present on the router first and within two minutes press and hold the WPS on your tplink re300 repeater for around 2 seconds.
  • You will find a blinking WPS LED on both the router and the extender. On a successful setup, the WPS will stop blinking and the signal light on the repeater will turn solid.
  • Now if you look into your Wifi list you will see a new network name having _EXT at the end after your router network name. This is your extender network. You will have to type the same password as your router to connect to it.
  • You can relocate the extender to the new location now according to your need and enjoy the newly created stronger WiFi signals.

How to Configure Tp-link onemesh on re300 repeater?

In case you have already setup the repeater than we recommend you to enable the one mesh technology via one of the below-mentioned ways. And before you start this make sure to enable smart connect on your host router.

Access one mesh through tether appOpen the tether app on your android or iOS phone, now select the model number of the repeater that you want to use in one mesh. Now to tools>> Onemesh>> and enable Onemesh.

Turn on Onemesh via a browser

Type in the URL or address bar of your browser to login to your re300/admin page. Now type the login password you created. Goto>> settings>> then to Onemesh>> and enable the onemesh.

Tp-link onemesh

Click here to download tp link re300 Pdf Manual.

How to reset tplink re300 repeater?

In case your device is not working properly or you have just now changed your router or internet service provider then you might find the need to reset the extender. For that, you need to make sure your device is plugged into the wall and the power light is stable. Now grab a pin or paper clip and put it inside the reset hole present on the right side of the re300 for a second. You will see changes in the light of the repeater. And when you check in your Wi-Fi list it will show up with its default name i.e. tp-link_extender_2.4Ghz or tp-link_extender_5Ghz. Now you can follow the above-mentioned steps to reconfigure your Ext again.


TP-LINK has always had a good reputation for bringing up connectivity products of premium quality and performance. The Re 300 extender is also quite the same. It has an easy setup and user-friendly accessibility. The device has quite an extensive ranging. It also had a very compact design and fits in anywhere. This ability makes it really easier to place anywhere and extend the range in the right place. Best quality extensibility is available when the extender is placed centrally and away from too many walls.

The remote application makes it easier to help with the accessibility and remote operation. This makes it an even better choice than most of the other extenders without the app. The extender also has an easily readable set of LEDs that can be used to see if the connection is stable or otherwise. The TP-LINK RE 300 in a nutshell is a high performance yet compact, affordable extender. I would personally give it a high score any day. Perfectly recommended for home, offices, and businesses alike. A perfect companion for your router and a perfect solution for those dead spots. Bring home the extender and find yourself amid and extensive and seamless connection.

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