How To Connect TP Link Extender To Mobile Phone

If you are searching how to connect TP Link extender to mobile phone? But you don’t know how to do it, don’t trepidation. We will tell you some uncomplicated & quick tips by following, which you will be competent to connect the extender to the phone. In other words, the Tp-Link extender is the outstanding device to banish the Wi-Fi dead zone. This device is predominantly designed to eradicate WiFi dead zones and to remove the lagging WiFi signal. The Wi-Fi speed and network coverage of this range extender are exceptional. You can readily maximize the WiFi speed and coverage of your prevalent device with this extender. But for that, you have to install & do a tp-link tether setup.

Furthermore, if you want to connect the range extender with the phone, then you should open the accurate page. This page will provide you with step-by-step instructions. Come on, let’s get started.

Want to connect the TP Link extender to mobile phone? Setup it first

The Tp-Link range extender needs to be set up before connecting the mobile phone to the extender. Follow the steps to set up the Tp-Link extender.

  • Initially, you need to merge the Tp-Link extender into the wall socket or surge protector.
  • As well, the location of the extender should be nearby your router i.e. in the same room.
  • Now you have to hold down the power of the extender and wait till the power LED light becomes solid on.
  • Then you have to discover and push the Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS) button of the extender for a few moments.
  • Thereafter, you have to also discover & push the WPS button of your prevailing router.
  • Subsequently, you have to wait for some time till the blinking LED changes to solid.
  • Now, you can relocate the TP-Link extender to your home. For better results, plug the range extender about equidistant between WiFi dead zone & Wi-Fi router.

The tp link extender setup steps are done & now, you are able to connect the extender to the phone.

Connect Tp-Link extender to mobile phone

Follow the steps given below completely to connect the extender to the phone with the tp-link extender app. Let’s get started.

Connect mobile to extender’s SSID:

After setting up the Tp-Link extender, you need to unite your mobile phone to the WiFi network.
The default WiFi name of the range extender after setup is Tp-Link_EXT. To unite the phone to the extender’s network, open the phone’s settings. Then, tap on the option of WiFi network. Now you have to discover the default network of the extender from the Network list. You have to tap on the network of tp-link_ext and then enroll the password. To finish the process, tap the Connect option.

Install/Download the Tp-Link Tether app:

To install the Tp-Link Tether app, you have to open the App Store on your mobile phone. Then you have to search tp-link tether apk to install. If you are installing the app on an Android phone then you have to tap on the install section. Along with this, if you are installing in the iOS phone, then tap on the get option.

Login with TP-Link ID:

After installing the tp-link tether app, you need to tp-link tether login with Tp-Link ID. You have to launch the tether app to log in. Afterward, you will see the Welcome to Tether interface. On this interface, you have to enroll the TP-Link ID (Email) & Password. Subsequently, tap the Login button. If the tp-link tether account is not created, then you can create it by tapping the Create a tp-link Id section.

Connect Tp Link Extender to a mobile phone:

After login the extender with Tp-link ID, you will witness the home page. At the top of the home page, you will witness a + symbol, you have to tap it. Subsequently, you have to pick the Tp-Link extender in the following devices list. Eventually, tap the connect section.

Reasons: TP Link Extender not connecting to Mobile Phone

If Tp-Link Extender is not connecting to the phone then you need to deem the reasons before deeming the solution. Through the below steps, you can quickly comprehend the major reasons.

  • Maybe the power LED of the Tp-Link extender is off
  • Immense distance between the Tp-Link extender and mobile phone
  • The range extender may not have been setup
  • The firmware of the Tp-Link WiFi extender is antiquated/out-of-dated
  • Power supply instabilities/fluctuations
  • Wi-Fi network in your phone is unstable and feeble
  • Smart LED indicator light flashing orange or red
  • Unfinished or impartial TP-Link extender setup
  • Maybe you using the wrong password

Troubleshooting tips for TP Link Extender not connecting to Mobile Phone

By following the below steps you will be able to connect Tp Link Extender to a mobile phone. As well, you will also be capable of fixing the bugs.

Verify the power LED light of the extender:

If the TP-Link extender is not connecting to the phone then we recommend that you probe the power LED light.

  • If the extender doesn’t have a power LED light, the power button may be turned off. You have to turn on the power.
  • You can also put the extender into another wall outlet to resolve the issue.
Relocate the Tp-Link extender:

You can efficiently resolve the problem by relocating the Tp-Link extender.

  • You should position the range extender far away from heating sources and metal objects.
  • Move the mobile phone position closer to the Tp-Link extender.
Using web-based method rather than tether app

You can use a web-based method to resolve how to connect iPhone to tp-link extender.

  • To connect the iPhone to the extender with a web-based interface, firstly log in by using
  • Enroll the Username ID & login password, click Login.
  • To complete, you have to follow on-screen steps.
Restart the Tp Link extender

Restarting Range Extender is an outstanding solution for any problem.

  • First of all, you have to turn off the power button of the extender.
  • Then you have to shut off the extender from the wall outlet.
  • After that, keep the extender as it is in a well-ventilated area for a couple of minutes.
  • Then you have to plug the extender back and start it.

Thus, these are troubleshooting ways, you can also try these ways to resolve the problem.